We “FIRED”! Husband Retired Early at Age 38
[Early Retirement began on April 12, 2021. Below is a our announcement on social media, April 24]

We had a U-Haul in our front yard, but not because we were moving locations, but we were moving to a new phase in our journey to “financial independence. “ I know publicly talking about personal finances can be taboo, and I do feel a little squirmy about it—but I’m forcing myself to get over it because this is what my second book is about! So I wanted to share our exciting news: On April 12th, my husband “FIRE-d”! (F.I.R.E. is the acronym for the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” Movement).

He had to get a U-Haul to pick up his toolboxes from work (he’s a mechanic) and bring them home. No more long, physically hard, mentally stressful hours in the shop bays. In short, our investments now make enough passive income to cover our lifestyle, meaning neither of us should ever have to work a 9-5 job for a boss or paycheck again.

We aggressively pursued this goal for the past 6 years—beginning with crawling out of debt & then eventually saving 75% of our income in an effort to invest in real estate, stocks, index funds, & even a little crypto. There are proven strategies that people in the FIRE Movement use in order to gain their Freedom back, and this is what I’m currently writing about (along with the details of our own journey).

We want to both be present with our children in this fleeting stage of childhood & to both pursue passion projects & eventually travel with our kiddos all over the globe. Life is so short and we don’t want to spend our precious hours stressed, exhausted & working to make someone else rich. We’re reclaiming our autonomy & joy. If any of this is of interest to you, please sign up for my email list on my website, as I’ll update you on the books progress/when pre-orders are ready/when it’s published/along with related blog content (mixed in with  minimalism content—as this mindset switch was a crucial one on this FIRE journey). 

Quick little visit to see Daddy at work. A rare treat to see him during the day!

NOTE: My husband, Jeremy, would like to clarify that we are “financially independent” (FI) but he is yet comfortable saying he is “retired early” (RE) because we are still technically working…but just for ourselves (which was always the real goal). I’m still managing the rental properties (& writing books) & the two of us are now handling the vacation rental cleanings. Jeremy is happily taking “side-work” for car problems for friends & neighbors & any odd little “handy man” type jobs folks we know randomly need. Working because he finds joy in it, not because he *has* to—and that feels totally different.

I will counter his statement and say that we are indeed “FIRE.” In the FIRE community this is sometimes referred to as “Barista FI”, because you still do small jobs to cover your lifestyle expenditures, while your investments are on auto-pilot & you’re not drawing anything down. I honestly do not think we will ever be “retired” in the way Jeremy and most people imagine….doing “nothing.” We will always be working on something of ours. It’s just how we are.

Anyways, that’s our huge life update! Please join me in congratulating Jeremy for the brave decision to turn in his two-weeks notice & to pack up his tools. It was a scary moment for him, to leave the security of a guaranteed paycheck that he had grown accustomed to. But my gosh, I’m so proud of him!! He has “steered this ship” the entire way, and I’ve been following the strategies, making necessary mindset shifts & changing habits & learning alongside him. But he truly drove this and stayed ultra-focused on the goal.

Please give him a big Congratulations! We are doing this thing!!!

Ou daughter, Etta, eating lunch at the dealership shop in Daddy’s bay. Rare moments where we got to see him during the work-week.
Etta visiting her Daddy at work (they have a kids playroom in their waiting room) and getting covered in grease.
In memory of that one local commercial Jeremy was in… and all the old ladies in town recognized him and stopped him afterwards. Hilarious!