Vlog: Update on the Move + Tour of a Minimalist Kid Room + Decluttering an Office

Whew! Lots of stuff jam-packed into today’s video!

As I’m deciding to take the Vlog a little more seriously and professionally, I spent more time editing this one and figured I’d take some time to introduce our little family to the new folks that recently subscribed and are curious about this new journey we are on.

Let me break it down for you so you can navigate to the section you want, if you only have time for a piece of it:

  • Introduction of our Family
  • Why Costa Rica, 2:13
  • Current plan & progress towards the big move, including selling a rental property, 4:27
  • Tour of a Minimalist Kids’ Room & closet, 12:13
  • Decluttering our office supplies & filing cabinet into one box (& a peek inside our minimalist dresser drawers), 27:31
  • What to expect in upcoming videos, 41:00

Watch it on YouTube (& don’t forget to subscribe!)