The Ultimate Guide to Minimalism & Financial Freedom: The Best Books & Podcasts

Let’s face it: I’m a mom of two small children and I never get a moment to just “sit & chill”–much less read a book. So, when I tell folks “I’ve read so many books this year!” what I really mean is: “I’ve listened to a ton of audiobooks while washing dishes and folding clothes.”

But it doesn’t matter whether you read a hardcopy or listen to a book while on-the-go, the content is the same and there’s a ton of great knowledge being passed along in these books. If you want to get serious about improving your life, whittling down your possessions and consumerists habits, or gaining financial freedom, then it’s time to turn off Netflix, stop scrolling Facebook and start learning. All of the resources I share below are life-changing, as they will help shift your mindset and guide you through the practical steps needed to enrich your life.

Also, as a minimalist, I hope you learn to take advantage of ebooks and audiobooks in an effort to save space and reduce clutter. The library is an amazing resource for things and most of these books listed below are FREE via your library! Most libraries use apps such as Hoopla, Libby, or OverDrive. You simply download the app, type in your library card number and search the title you’d like to “check out” and listen to. As a frugalist, this “hack” will save your a ton of money. As an author, yes, we’d prefer you bought the book so we’d make more income. But, the authors are getting a small royalty each time you check something out for free from the library, so it doesn’t completely hurt them. So if you check it out via the library, do them a favor and share on social media how much you loved it. If it becomes a resource you refer to again and again, then you should definitely purchase the hardcopy and add it to your minimal, curated bookshelf. (Note: Each of the books below are linked to Amazon using an affiliate link. This means I may receive a small monetary compensation if you end up purchasing a book. Thanks in advance!)

On top of the “Minimalism” and “Finance” categories, I also include a category called “Life/Mindset” because personal growth is an incredibly important facet for both minimalism and financial independence. It’s not as easy as “decluttering” and “saving-then-investing.” There’s no quick-fix for achieving a peaceful and free life. An empty house or boat-loads of money is not what will make you happy. There’s so much growth that needs to happen in tandem with the purging and saving. If you’re going to chase after the freedom that both minimalism and financial independence can give you, then you have to start working on a healthier mindset.

I’ve listened to a ton of books and podcasts and there only a handful that really have stood out and that I continue to turn to even to this day. Below are my favorite books, podcasts and blogs that I highly recommend. I’ve truly whittled it down–I’d wager I’ve read over 30 books on minimalism, but I only list a small handful. These are the best of the best. I’ve tried to list these in an order that I think makes the most sense, so you can literally “go down the list” of any category and feel quite empowered on these topics once you’re all done.



Goodbye, Things

Decluttering at the Speed of Life

The Minimalist Home

Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Simple Path to Wealth

All You Can Pay

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Quit Like a Millionaire


Your Money or Your Life


The Compound Effect

Atomic Habits

The Obstacle is the Way

Rejection Proof


Never Split the Difference

Beyond Wealth

The 4-Hour Workweek

Big Magic

Girl, Wash Your Face



Simple Families

Minimalist Moms


French Kiss Life


Rise Together

Magic Lessons

Tim Ferriss Show



Bigger Pockets

Afford Anything



Mr. Money Mustache

Millennial Revolution

JL Collins: Stock Series

Bigger Pockets


Simple Families

Becoming Minimalist