Scary Mommy Interview: “We Are Having a Minimalist Holiday Season This Year”

I’m elated and honored that mom-blog giant Scary Mommy asked to do an interview about how to “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas!” I’ve been reading ScaryMommy articles since before I was even a mom! Years of hopefulness as I tried to conceive had me soaking up their wisdom in advance. It blows my mind that I’m a featured author and mom on their site now!

Their Facebook page has 4.1 Million followers, their Instagram has 2.1 Million followers, and their Twitter has around 500K Followers–just to give you an idea of what a big deal Scary Mommy is in the mom-universe, in case you haven’t heard of them before.

I’m so grateful they loved the book’s message and felt that all moms needed to hear this–especially while navigating this coronavirus pandemic AND a national/global recession that has us “tightening our belts” this year as we continue to brace for the unknown. Scaling back, slowing down, gratitude, presence and intentionality are all things that everyone could use this holiday season–whether they identify as a minimalist or not.

Here’s a peek at the intro below and link to the full article. Please share with your mom-friends!

We Are Having a Minimalist Holiday Season This Year

By Rachel Garlinghouse, Staff Writer for ScaryMommy

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and we start celebrating now. I’ve already ordered matching Christmas pjs for my four kids, their gift wish-lists are ready for the grandparents, and we’ve chosen holiday cards to mail to family and friends. We do all of the things: bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, wrap gifts, write a letter to Santa, and find the perfect Christmas Eve church outfits. But this year? 2020 is officially making everything— the holidays included–much more difficult thanks to the pandemic. 

I figured parents can go one of two ways this year. We can feel guilty and over-compensate by creating an over-the-top holiday season for our kids, or, maybe just maybe, we could take an opposite approach. What if we decide to have a mindful, simpler holiday season this year?

The coronavirus means that many of us are cancelling our traditional holiday get togethers in order to keep our most vulnerable loved ones healthy and safe. We aren’t going into stores as much either, instead, relying on shopping online despite our love of the holiday shopping rush. I used to stroll down the aisles of Target, a steamy latte in one hand, filling the cart with décor and gifts. Now, almost everything arrives on my doorstep after being ordered online. The reality is that things just aren’t the same. We aren’t the same. The virus has changed us, and it’s still changing us. What are we do to with the holidays when we’re in the midst of a global pandemic?

Meg Nordmann is a mom of two and author of the newly released book Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas: Slow Down, Save Money, and Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday. She told Scary Mommy, “motherhood was the catalyst that made me embrace the minimalist lifestyle.” Her oldest child learned to walk early, leaving Nordmann to spend “every second of every day cleaning and picking up things and unable to find any time for myself, my creative pursuits, or to even be as present of a mother as I wanted to be.” She added, “I wanted to play with my child, not clean up after her incessantly.”

She had an “aha moment.” If their family owned less, they would have less to clean up and more time to do what they loved. She purged items as well as analyzed her “urge to consume and my urge to hold onto things.” It was, she admits, “a lot of inner work,” including discipline to “relearn new healthy habits.” Her new dedication to minimalism and intentionality spread into cultivating a holiday for her family that was beautiful and memorable.

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