Interview: Making Money Moves with Mary
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I was happy to sit down and chat with my friend Mary Bellavista, who has formed a private Facebook Group called “Making Money Moves with Mary.” Mary is on her own journey to becoming debt-free with the eventual goal of achieving financial independence. She is on a mission to help her friends move toward financial freedom as she begins to deep-dive into the world of finance.

And does this girl have a community! Based in St. Augustine Beach, FL, where we are also located, Mary has built an incredibly engaged network from her mom-groups, her photography business, and by taking the lead to create events like “Mom’s Wine Out” and an annual “Mom-Staycation.” She’s a natural-born leader and connector and I’m so excited for her newest venture! I was honored to be one of her first guests for her “Money Mondays” series. The engagement in this group is amazing and if you’re looking for a new “tribe” where you can ask questions, get answers, stay encouraged and feel supported, this is a great one. I have a hunch that this will grow much larger than she is anticipating.

meg nordmann

In our chat, we discuss:

  • What led me to learning about finances and seeking financial independence.
  • How we strategically got out of debt.
  • What we invested in to help grow our money.
  • My tips for those that are new to all of this.
  • What I think needs to change in the world.
  • And lots more!

Note: We did actually do this interview a few days before and the original file glitched and we had to redo it…ahhgggghhh technology! We were all dressed up and super professional for the first round but just had to make-do the second time around as we tried to squeeze a “redo” into our schedules. Also, we thought that the screen only showed the person talking, instead of both people the entire time…so we are doing things like trying to breastfeed and screaming (muted) at children in the background and rubbing our nose while the other person is talking because….we thought no one would see that. Haha! Let’s just say it’s unedited and #authentic. 😉

If you’re interested in learning about our investments and journey to financial independence in great detail, stay tuned! My husband Jeremy and I have co-written a book, “FIRE-ISM,” that is due to publish in early 2021 that gives an overview of the “FIRE Movement,” a look at both of our “money stories” and then our joint story when we began striving for financial independence together, the four philosophies that have helped us create the right mindset shift needed to achieve this big goal, and then 100 tips for cutting your costs so you can save even more. This is the book we wished someone would have already written when we started our journey to “FIRE” (Financial Independence, Retire Early). If this sounds intriguing to you, please join my email list (the form is at the bottom of my website) and I’ll be in touch as soon as we have the publish date set! In the meantime, check out my upcoming book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” which publishes Sep. 1, 2020 (hint…minimalism is one of the four philosophies we discuss in “FIRE-ISM”).

I hope you enjoy the interview! Let me know if you have any questions!