Journey to Freedom: Ep. 7 – J. Money on Minimalism in Business & Finance

Today, I’m speaking with J. Money, who is probably one of the most well-known figures in the personal finance blogging space. A father of three, a self-proclaimed minimalist, an avid coin collector and hip-hop fan, J. Money is also an award-winning personal finance blogger with over 12 industry awards, such as “Blog of the Year” and a “Lifetime Achievement” award. He’s been named a Top “Social Influencer” in personal finance & wealth and is consistently featured in media such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

He most recently launched a new curation project in partnership with The Motley Fool called “All-Star Money” . With over a decade building communities online, Jay’s projects have now reached over 40 million views. J. Money’s blogging career began with a financial blunder and since then he’s been a very transparent money experimenter and his projects continue to connect the online world with the “real” world. J. Money is a full-time, self-employed, blogger who has publicly chronicled his net worth to the masses for over 11 years, which has now–after 139 net worth reports– surpassed the 1 million mark. 

J. Money has had many successful online ventures, but the two he’s probably most known for are and He currently blogs on his personal site He’s very active on Twitter under the handle @BudgetsAreSexy and is well-loved for his authentic interaction and sense of humor. 

In today’s chat we’ll cover everything from skateboarding and our personal strange collections to how we reconcile that with our minimalist philosophies. We get into what decluttering his online businesses felt like and how he detached from any identity being wrapped up in his entrepreneurial endeavors. We talk about knowing what “Enough” is and drawing limits around oursleves. We talk about how he named his sites and how he ended up in the world of personal finance. We also talk investing strategy and so much more in today’s interview.  Tune in to learn more.


Twitter: @BudgetsAreSexy


  • Skateboarding as a new hobby
  • (Meg’s husband) Jeremy’s video: Skateboarding on arroyo
  • Coin collecting as a hobby
  • Minimalism & collections
  • Dana K. White’s book “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” (explains the “Container Theory”)
  • What sparks joy?
  • What led him to minimalism (intersection with personal finance + parenthood)
  • When you are the only minimalist in a family, and the rest do not follow suit…
  • Discussing a “resume of failures“, transparency & vulnerability
  • Inspiration for this resume was Johannes Haushofer’s “CV of Failures
  • Discussing “identity” as a content creator (‘real life’ self vs. ‘online’ self) and how to reconcile the two
  • Drawing boundaries/self-imposed limits around your online time. J. Money has screen-free nights & weekend rules.
  • Pay more attention to “real life” …more present and also more productive.
  • What was it like letting go of successful businesses, such as a your podcast, BudgetsAreSexy & RockStar Finance?
  • How did you not let your identity get wrapped up in these endeavors and also how did you let go?
  • Knowing what is “enough” and the urge to have a ‘Pursuit of More’
  • How do I deal with it? “I just don’t look.”
  • Don’t sell when you are feeling desperate.
  • How did you name the blog/handle “Budgets are Sexy”?/Why does “sexy” work?
  • His first financial blunder and how that led him to the world of personal finance and eventually blogging
  • How he approaches birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries as a frugal minimalist
  • J. Money’s investing strategy. Discussing index funds and crypto
  • J. Money’s “All Star Money” curation on The Motley Fool
  • “You can always change your mind and do different stuff. …The pain is so tiny compared to everything you gain.”
  • Minimalist mindset tip: “Would I rather have this item? Or cash in my hand?” (That cash means freedom & opportunity)
  • Just take action and invest. It could be a good decision, and if it’s not, you change your mind! At least you DID it and now you know what you don’t like.
  • “If you can learn to adapt and make changes–whether other people think you are crazy or not—I think that’s really good.
  • “Everyone wants to be a millionaire. The reason you want to be a millionaire is because you want a cool life. Can I get this life without a million dollars? How fast can I get this cool life? What would I need to change to get this new life? Some people are willing to change a lot and some people don’t…unless you really really want it bad, you’re not going to change. If you’re not willing to put in the sacrifice and change, you’re not going to get it. As soon as you figure out your lifestyle–what you want–you can work backwards.”