Journey to Freedom: Ep. 6 – George Sisneros on his “No Spend Year.” How getting debt-free afforded him to chase big dreams in Guatamala and lead an epic life.

Today, I’m chatting with George Sisneros, a 55-year old who has been taking the personal finance “Money Twitter” scene by storm over the past few months.

George has swam with sharks in Belize & smoked a Cuban cigar in Havana. He’s explored ancient Mayan ruins & grabbed an alligator by the tail. He’s jumped out of an airplane and ran a marathon. He’s climbed and spent the night on Volcán Acatenango, the 3rd highest peak in Central America.He’s summited Capitol Peak, which is “arguably the most difficult of the 58 Colorado 14ers.” He’s played in the World Series of Poker in Vegas. And he’s a bilingual Latino from the States who is now a Christian Missionary living in a small Guatamalan village, where he is happily married with 8 kids, and has built a school and helped establish a safe house for severely malnourished babies under 1-year-old.

And to top it off, he also does high-level coaching for successful entrepreneurs and executives & gives them “one-on-one accountability.” This is a highly personalized, very involved level of coaching, so he only works with 5 clients max at any given time.

The top of his website sums up his mission quite neatly:

“My passion is helping you get your time back so you can summit more of life’s mountains.”

So you can see why I thought George sounded like JUST the kind of person I wanted to chat with on the top of The Journey to Freedom. 

In today’s show we talk about everything from wrangling alligators, to launching a school and clinic in Guatamala. We discuss his No Spend Year and what the holidays look like with no presents. We discuss how to nurture a long lasting marriage, his new deep dive into the world of investing, and how to live a more intentional life. 

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  • Wrangling Alligators
  • Getting out of debt & being strapped to a Dream House & feeling trapped/broke despite making 6 figures
  • Inability to tithe to the church was the start to their No Spend Year
  • Aggressively got rid of $45K of debt in just one year
  • “Until you stop spending money, you don’t realize how much money you’re spending.”
  • No restaurants, no birthday presents, no Christmas presents in their No Spend Year
  • What Christmas without traditional presents was like
  • “Interestingly, it was one of the more memorable Christmases we’ve ever had.”
  • Meg Nordmann’s book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas
  • Christmas in Guatamala
  • Got out of debt first, THEN made an emergency fund
  • Attacked lowest debt amounts first
  • “It doesn’t matter what you do, put a plan together and DO IT. That’s the trick. That’s the whole thing.”
  • Mission trip to Guatamala
  • Felt called to return…immediately
  • 7 months later, sold 2 business, house, and everything they owned
  • Still in Guatamala 9 years later
  • “You have to have very good communication with your (partner). I think that is what it takes. You have to be very aware of your marriage. You can’t just luck into a marriage. You have to be intentional.”
  • Date nights once a week were continued in the No Spend Year, but they were meeting for coffee chats, about $3-5 for the date.
  • Coffee chats each morning and family meetings each week.
  • Started the middle school for boys (explains the reason for it being boys-only)
  • Why the clinic for malnourished babies began
  • His financial journey
  • Beginning to invest
  • A year and a half in to their Guatamala adventure, he began raising financial support.
  • Joined Twitter a year ago. Made this new account 3 months ago. Growing quickly on “Money Twitter”
  • Maxed out Roth IRAs
  • Beginning an index fund strategy.
  • “It’s never too late.”
  • Marriage for 23 years and how to be “self aware” of your marriage
  • Viral Twitter Thread by George Sisneros: “23 Secrets to a Happy Marriage: If Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates couldn’t make it work, what hope is there?” Click below to see full thread:
  • Getting out of debt improved their marriage significantly
  • Advice on editing and creating a viral Twitter thread and growing a following quickly (with high value, high quality and intentional content).
  • How do you add 5+ years to someone’s life?
  • What his executive coaching is like.
  • Staying organized and focuses has become the #1 need he’s noticed.
  • Coaching provides savings for investments. Another stream of income.
  • The number we have in our head when we THINK we’ll die. How to add years to that number.
  • About to camp in the treetops on a zipline in hammocks.
  • Why the idea of retirement is bad for longevity.
  • Victor Frankel’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning
  •  Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles’ book “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long Happy Life
  • New Tim Ferris Podcast on longevity (Dr. Peter Attia)
  • He plans to live to 108
  • Why Financial Independence is more important than retiring early
  • “Be intentional with your life. Don’t just kinda go down the river of life. Just make a decision.”
  • “Be intentional with your finances; be intentional with your marriage. And you’ll be okay. But live INTENTIONALLY. Don’t just live at the whim of the government or the whim of your boss or the whim of the world and the culture. Whatever you do, don’t live at the whim of whatever is going around you.”

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