Journey to Freedom: Ep. 13 – Why AirBnB Vacation Rentals Are Not “Passive” Income, But So Worth It

When we began looking into short term vacation rental investing, we thought of it as “passive income.” But I laugh heartily at the thought of calling any of this “passive.”


I wanted to give you an honest description of what actively managing just two vacation rentals looks like in order to get the high return that you want. 

In the first half of today’s episode, I give you a realistic idea of the time and expense involved in running one, but in the second half of the episode I talk numbers with you and go over why the “Return on Cash” is so fantastic with these types of rentals. 

If this is a type of investing you’ve considered before, you should know what you’re getting into so you can better decide if this is an investment path you want.

Click here to see the numbers and equations discussed in my original blog post.

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