Journey to Freedom: Ep. 12 – Beth Inglish On Investing in Your Creative Self

Today I’m speaking with Beth Inglish, who happens to be an old friend from my Nashville days early in my career, and is now a professional motivational speaker and artist with a mission to connect people and to teach them how to put their creativity to work. She’s built her entire life on openness, creativity and connection, and now she’s teaching large audiences to feel the same way.

She’s blended her experiences with trauma recovery with 13 years of art-making and community leadership into a simple message–to change how people feel.

She’s been a creative with a capital C all her life–she’s a visual artist, a musician, a writer, dancer, a stand-up comedian and a fabulous storyteller. Her artwork has appeared on nationally syndicated television shows, public art installations, murals in the homes and offices of private collectors around the world, and even on the outside of a city bus. It’s hard to describe what her art looks like—it’s so expressionist and abstract and colorful and joyful.

One of Beth’s most significant contribution to her community in Nashville was founding and directing the Nashville Creative Group, which is now an over 9,000-member group of both online and in-person meetups for creatives in Tennessee.

Since 2012, the group has had around 100 in-person meetups and inspired an artistic renaissance in Middle Tennessee while simultaneously providing a safe haven of community, expression and connection. It has also provided a model for other cities in bringing forth renewed artistic expression for their city and support its creative class. We talk about this further in our conversation today.

So now Beth has taken everything she’s learned from these experiences and speaks to audiences across the U.S. Recently, she’s spoken to audiences at University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, Bridgestone and Salesforce.

I’m so honored to have such an inspiring, intelligent and joyful friend such as Beth in my life and I’m delighted to share her with you all today. While I have plenty of interviews scheduled to chat about investing and financial freedom, I really want to continue mixing in conversations that help with mindset as well. Because that is step one on any journey to freedom–no matter what your end goal is. If you can master your own mind and emotions and harness that in a positive way, then you will be unstoppable and simply enjoy the ride as well. I think you’ll come away from this conversation feeling quite motivated and energized.

If you take anything from this conversation, I hope it’s that investing in yourself is the best investment you could make. You’ll hear a lot about the arts in this conversation, but I hope you see that no matter what industry you are in, I’d say all of this still applies. 

And with that, let’s dive into today’s show.

Connect with Beth:

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