Journey to Freedom: Ep. 10 – (Meet My Husband, Jeremy) Former Mechanic Now Enjoys a Life on F.I.R.E.

So this week’s podcast episode bio will be a little different than usual. No Forbes articles and blogger awards to list out and such. But man, is he awesome in all the other ways! This week, I can’t wait for you to meet my husband, Jeremy Fowler. He’s amazing.

Originally from lower Alabama, he attended the University of South Alabama and Faulkner University for civil engineering and explored all sorts of engineering, until at the very end, realized he would make more money and –enjoy more– being an auto mechanic. Which he did enjoy very much until…he didn’t. To be clear, he does still love mechanic work, he just no longer enjoys working for a boss for a dealership or for anyone else. So after 15 to 20 years, he officially had his last day of work on April 12th, 2021. Three months ago, almost to the day today. 

He’s so much more than that job, though.

Jeremy is an avid surfer…he lives and breathes the ocean. He barely owns any clothes–he just lives in swim trunks, barefoot and bare-chested 99% of the time. (No complaints from me…) He also is a passionate woodworker. He’s always been a builder, an engineer, a tinkerer, an inventor, an incredibly handy and curious and mathematical minded man who loves to take things apart and rebuild them and make them better. He’s always dabbled in woodworking but he’s finally getting the opportunity to put in the time to try and master it, now that he’s retired. So these days, I’m getting used to seeing a layer of sawdust on him. Salt and sawdust. 

He’s also a musician. It’s how we met, actually. I had just turned 20 and it was the day before he turned 24 and I wandered into the bar where he was playing with his rock band–which he’d been playing with since he was like 14 years old–he was the lead singer and bass player and wrote most of their music. He still picks up his guitar and plays pretty much every day. He still dabbles with writing and is always working on a new song to learn. He’s got a great voice. 

Jeremy surfing the Outer Banks
Photo credit: Jason Sorg (@jason_moments on Insta)

He’s always reading a book or listening to an audiobook or binging some podcast. He never stops learning. He doesn’t really do downtime. His downtime means he’s learning how to do something new by watching someone on YouTube. He just doesn’t sit still. But it’s a burning curiosity that drives him–not busyness, which so many people fall into that trap. He just wants to learn and create and I love that about him. 

He loves to cook. He loves to bake. He loves to garden. He’s unbelievably frugal. He’s an enthusiastic cyclist.

He’s an adventurer. He’s traveled to 26 countries now and is nowhere done scratching more off of his bucket list.

He’s a father to two adorable little girls, a 2 & 4 year old, who he is constantly teaching and playing with–he’s an amazing Dad. And he’s my husband. We met fourteen years ago and we’ve been married now for 5. It’s been a Great Love. 

So with that as his bio, let me introduce you to my husband, Jeremy Fowler, who was a little begrudging to sit down and do this, but I’m so glad he did:

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