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“The happiest time of year” can also be the most stressful and expensive time of year. Our calendars fill up quickly as this busy season ramps up and the expectation of idealized traditions can put an immense amount of pressure on us all. Add to that the onslaught of slick marketing and society’s focus on on consumerism, and we can quickly lose sight of what the holidays were meant to be about: peace, joy and togetherness.

If you dread the high cost that comes with purchasing gifts, feel exhausted and overwhelmed thinking about the number of items marching into your home, feel defeated by a lack of time, or feel an urge to scale back, then it’s time to Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas.

With a mix of personal stories and practical strategies, Meg Nordmann will guide you through shifting your mindset towards accumulation, having hard conversations, clearing your calendar, and holiday-specific decluttering, with a focus on intentionality and presence to make room for what really matters in life.


“You can adopt a minimalist lifestyle at any time of the year, but if there were ever a season to get laser-focused on shutting out the cultural clamor for “more,” it would be during the holidays.”

Meg Nordmann, Author

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At the end of the book, you’ll receive a link to a Bonus Chapter e-book which is full of design inspiration, simple recipes, stress-free DIYs and so much more.

“Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” stresses that aesthetics and design is not what minimalism is about as a philosophy or lifestyle. However, many people are drawn to minimalism because of these aspects. I’ve included information about this in the Bonus Chapter to keep these two ideas of minimalism separate. In the book I refer to traditions, recipes and decorating tips that I personally love. The Bonus Chapter is where you can find further information if you are interested in incorporating these into your own holiday. The goal is always to simplify and not add more to your plate. Flip through these ideas and see where you can edit down traditions that no longer serve your family and try some simpler ways to bring your family together this year.

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With a little bit of mindfulness we can have a lot of impact. I’ve compiled many of my decluttering and mindset tips from my book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” into an organized checklist to help you streamline your home for the upcoming holiday season. When you join my email list you’ll immediately be able to download your checklist: