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I’m the author of “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” and the mother of two messy but wonderful little girls who were my catalyst for seeking an intentional and minimalist life. My husband and I have set an ambitious goal to achieve financial independence and retire early (“FIRE”) before he turns 40 (in less than two years!). Between navigating the clutter that comes with parenthood and this goal to retire early, frugality and sustainability have become guiding principles in my everyday life along with a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve learned that less truly is more.

A former journalist, editor and digital marketer, I’m now a full-time mother who writes, blogs, and speaks about minimalism and frugalism—philosophies that have afforded my family the luxury of time and freedom to explore the things that matter the most to us.

When we reach our goal of financial independence, we plan to move to Central America. We currently live on an island off the coast of Florida and we don’t take a single day of our good fortune for granted! We work hard to maintain a balance of staying focused on our future goals while also practicing gratitude for our present. Feel free to follow along at @MegNordmann or let’s chat on Twitter!

If you’re looking for inspiration on minimalism during the holidays, then you can follow my book at @minimalist_christmas on Instagram or browse images I’ve collected on Pinterest.

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Author Meg Nordmann has been invited on many stages and cameras to speak in the past on topics ranging from current arts and culture, current tech trends, personal branding and digital marketing techniques. She has co-hosted events, emceed concerts, been a featured speaker at conferences, workshops and panels as well as spoken on live television, webcasts and podcasts. She is currently shifting her speaking focus to topics related to minimalism and financial independence and would love to discuss them at your event, whether live or digital.

Please contact me with your specific requirements and I would love to help with your next speaking event.

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Let’s hang out! I’d love to introduce myself to you, chat about why I became a minimalist and what prompted me to write a book about the holiday season in particular. Please stay in touch on social media and share your story with me, too!

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The holidays can often be overly busy, absurdly expensive, and completely overwhelming for many of us. It doesn’t have to be. You can take back your time, money and peace of mind by employing the strategies that author Meg Nordmann outlines in her newest book. It’s time to slow down, simplify, and “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas.”

Available in audiobook, ebook and print formats, you can choose to listen or read in whatever format you prefer. Order today so you can prepare for a simpler and more intentional holiday.

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With a little bit of mindfulness we can have a lot of impact. I’ve compiled many of my decluttering and mindset tips from my book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” into an organized checklist to help you streamline your home for the upcoming holiday season. When you join my email list you’ll immediately be able to download your checklist: