I’m delighted to share with you how I created more time in my life for the things that matter most. Less truly is more. Don’t let the holiday season wreck your home, your wallet or your peace. Join me and “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” this year!


Warning: This Information could save Your Life

I recently applied for a fellowship and scholarship award for some of the work I have coming down the pipeline. It feels like a complete “long-shot” and the likelihood I’ll
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Finding Abundance In Minimalism

When most people first hear the word “minimalism,” they focus on the root “minimal” and usually uncomfortable images of “less” arise. If you have grown up with a scarcity mindset–which
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F.I.R.E Update: Two Months of ‘Semi-Retirement’

After the popularity around my one-month early retirement post, I thought I’d continue checking in with everyone and journaling about our experience with being “FIRE-d” or, more precisely, “semi-retired.” In
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Meg Nordmann on The Minimalists

About a month ago, I took a whirlwind trip to Hollywood to sit down with Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, a.k.a. “The Minimalists”, in their studio to chat about

Christmas Gifts for Minimalists

I discuss gifts much more extensively in my book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas.” I go over the popular 4-Gift Rule (“something you want, something you need, something to wear

Virtual Book Tour Announced!

As we are still months into an unfortunate pandemic and most travel and person-to-person events have come to a grinding halt, everything has understandably moved to digital/virtual platforms. While I
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Interview: Making Money Moves with Mary

I was happy to sit down and chat with my friend Mary Bellavista, who has formed a private Facebook Group called “Making Money Moves with Mary.” Mary is on her


With a little bit of mindfulness we can have a lot of impact. I’ve compiled many of my decluttering and mindset tips from my book “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas” into an organized checklist to help you streamline your home for the upcoming holiday season. When you join my email list you’ll immediately be able to download your checklist: